4 Paw Friday 021

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Here is your weekly dose of “4-Paw Friday,” a list of what I’m enjoying or heard around the water bowl.


Have Crate will Travel 

Portable Pet Playpen Soft Fabric Pet Crate

Fantastic solution for travel!
Safety First
Please, please, please, get rid of your retractable leash.  They are dangerous for you and your dog.  A quote from a well-respected Vet, “I think you should need an operator’s license to use one. Most people are numbskulls with it.  I especially love the picture on the handle showing the fingers being amputated.
Elegant Dinnerware

Modern Ceramic Dog Bowls From Kind

Finnish lifestyle brand KIND recently added these stunning ceramic bowls to their collection of Nordic-inspired canine wares.
And for the End
Big Sky Urns‘ vessels look and function as a vase while having a hidden urn in the base. The vase is completely waterproof, allowing you to personalize it with a flower bouquet, plants, or keepsakes in remembrance of your beloved pet.

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