dog training in birmingham mi

dog training in birmingham mi
Dog training is a great way to connect with your pup in Birmingham, MI.

Dog training is the #1 way to ensure that your dog is a well-behaved member of your family.  Not only does it create a structure for communication and good behavior, it deepens the bond between the dog and pet parents for a lifetime of love.  Dog training at Dogtopia is essentially like sending your pup off to “school”- our program centers around training your dog in our safe, convenient doggy day care environment, ensuring they get the play and exercise they need while teaching them important lessons during private training.  At our Birmingham location, we’ve teamed with dog trainers Liz Widmer and Steve Calcagno from Bloomfield Dog Training, a premiere dog training group in Oakland County.  They both have an extensive background in working with dogs to provide them the framework to be great family members and canine good citizens, and we know you’ll love the results you get with our comprehensive dog training programs.

From their website:

“Our goal is to increase the level of trust between dog and handler through physical and mental exercise, giving clear and consistent direction and using compassion to guide individual needs. As the level of trust increases the bond between dog and handler increases, stress is reduced and behavior can be modified.

We use motivational methods incorporating affection, praise, treats, toys and games to reward targeted behavior and effective, humane

dog trainer birmingham mi
By working with a dog trainer, your dog will be well behaved in a variety of situations, including while walking around Birmingham’s Farmers Market!

strategies specific to each dog and owner to address unwanted behavior.”

Why You’ll Love Dog Training in Birmingham, MI

1)      Young or old, all dogs can be trained to be amazing members of your family. Compile a list of behaviors you want to achieve and let’s start working toward them!

2)      We’ll make communication with your dog easy.  Your dog will learn what is expected of them in your family, and you’ll learn how to reinforce those behaviors.

3)      Trained dogs are safer:  they learn essential skills to keep them safe in every environment, and bad behavior is curbed.

4)      Improved communication deepens the trust your dog has in you, and strengthens the dog/pet parent bond.

5)      You’ll love being able to take your dog all around dog-friendly establishments in Birmingham and not having to worry about problem behaviors with your pup.

Also, it’s fun!  Our dog training program is one of the easiest to complete, because it doesn’t involve having to drive to some pet supply store and sit with a bunch of other dogs for some unfocused dog training- instead, because our training happens right here, along with our normal day of doggy day care, your dog will get the exercise they need in order to be ready to learn, and you’ll love being able to pick them up knowing that the day was productive.  Our location is offering 3 programs, seen below:

Play + Train (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons):

  • Outside + inside playgroup romping and relief + breakfast and lunch service
  • 30 minutes personalized private training lessons
  • Email lesson summary & recommendations

Play + Train + Stay (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons + Overnight stay)

  • Outside playgroup romping and relief
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner service
  • 1 hour personalized private training lessons
  • All daycare playgroup and socialization
  • Email lesson summary and recommendations
  • Tuck in and cuddle time
  • Savings: discount from buying training and daycare in package deals

Puppy Training Classes

  • 6-week AKC STAR Puppy Class
  • Classes begin September 2016
  • Thursdays 7pm – 8pm

The second option allows your dog to stay for overnight dog boarding, giving us even more time to focus our attention on their lessons while ensuring that everything they are learning is reinforced consistently. Imagine… going on vacation with your family, boarding your dog as you normally do… only to come back and find that their manners have improved and problem behaviors eliminated.  Sounds like a dream, right?  With Dogtopia, it’s possible!  Additionally, our puppy training classes set the framework to take your pup from a good dog to a GREAT dog.  The AKC STAR Puppy Class gets your puppy off to a great start in life through socialization, communication & confidence building, along with foundational skills.  If you want your puppy to eventually be a therapy dog, participate in dog events, or simply be an amazing family member- this one is for you!

Want to learn more? Contact us, and we’ll answer any questions you have.  We can’t wait to meet you and your pup!