dog trainer birmingham mi

dog trainer birmingham mi
Little or big, puppy or senior- all dogs are welcome for dog training!

If you’re in the market for puppy training, you might be overwhelmed by all the options available to you.  There are private trainers who come to your home, instructional DVDs and websites galore, and classes at pet stores.  How can you choose?  You obviously want to best dog trainer for your growing puppy, so what should you consider when making your choice?

Below we’ll explore some of the things to look for in a dog trainer and puppy training sessions.  The best time to get started in finding the dog trainer you’d like to work with is NOW, so that your puppy gets to learn all the crucial skills needed to be a companion for life.  Prevention is better than cures when it comes to good behavior, and when getting involved in puppy training you’ll leverage the lighting-fast ability to learn that all puppies have.

Most every puppy can benefit from puppy training, and at Dogtopia our method of dog training incorporates our world class dog day care for added puppy socialization. We have even an entire class set up for puppies exclusively, designed with their special needs in mind.

What Should I Look For in a Dog Trainer for my Puppy?

You want to look for a dog trainer who uses positive reinforcement techniques! This motivational method incorporates affection, praise, and treats to reward targeted behavior effectively. The trainers who are patient & kind, and view training as a framework for a lifetime, rather than a series of reward/punishment for good or bad

dog trainer  puppy training birmingham mi
Puppies who go through puppy training with a great dog trainer grow up to be wonderful dogs.


You’ll also expect your trainer to be an AKC – Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. That shows that they have a solid knowledge of obedience activities. Many dog owners choose Canine Good Citizen training as the first step in training their dogs. The Canine Good Citizen Program lays the foundation for other AKC activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events. Dogs who have a solid obedience education are a joy to live with-they respond well to household routines, have good manners in the presence of people and other dogs, and they fully enjoy the company of the owner who took the time to provide training, intellectual stimulation, and a high quality life.


Your puppy training class at Dogtopia will introduce your puppy to socialization, build their confidence, increase your ability to communicate effectively, and provide a basic foundation of obedience skills.  It’s a great start, and sets the stage for your dog to excel in Canine Good Citizen classes and testing, as well as in life.

Why Should I Bring My Puppy to a Dog Trainer?

Puppies love to learn, just like little kids!  They’re at the prime time of their life to learn new skills and tricks, and they’re steadily building trust and relationships with the world around them.  By bringing your puppy to a dog trainer, you’re investing in your puppy to be the best dog they can be.

Bring your puppy to a dog trainer if you need help with:

-getting them to come when called

-getting them to potty outside

-getting them to walk on a leash

-learning basic obedience skills

-building confidence in nervous pups

-any unacceptable behaviors

Call us and we’ll tell you all about our puppy training in Birmingham!  We’ll tell you everything else you need to know about the program, and invite you to tour our facility and meet with a dog trainer.