Reactive Rover runs over a series of 6 weeks, meeting 1 hour each week.
$300.00 + GST
  • Monday, August 10th @6pm with Rebecca

This program is designed to build the foundations of understanding what it is your dog is telling you. This is the building blocks of repair, and will teach you & your dog how to be socially acceptable. This provides valuable insight into canine communication and behavior. It will create a stronger bond, greater self-confidence, and the skills to conquer the real world. For dogs with any type of reactivity issues. Whether its leash aggression, reactivity towards humans or dogs, we can customize a training plan to meet your needs.


Trick classes run over a series of 4 weeks, meeting 1 hour each week.
  • Trick Dog Level 1
  • Trick Dog Level 2

Build a strong bond with your dog by joining our trick classes! Learn how to teach tricks to your dog and breakdown the tricks into necessary steps. Once you learn how to breakdown the tricks and advance properly, you can teach your dog anything., We do have tricks planned but if there is something you want to learn, make sure to tell us the first day! We can add it to the lessons!

Must complete level 1 before advancing to level 2.

High Jump

high jump classes run over a series of 4 weeks, meeting 1 hour each week.

Frisbee Seminar

2 Hour seminar for $60+gst
for more information or to register, please contact [email protected]