dog trainer bloomfield mi

Big things have been happening at Dogtopia, and we’re proud to announce that we’re now offering dog training! Dog training is an incredible way to bond with your dog while ensuring that they become a well-mannered member of your family.  Our dog trainer, Lynn Lico, has been with Dogtopia for quite some time now, having been hired in back when we opened our second location in Utica (can you believe we’re already up to 4 locations?!).  Lynn has an extensive career with dogs, having started out in obedience training and working in capacities far beyond that, including veterinary and as management here at Dogtopia.  She says of her new role: “I absolutely love dogs, and seeing them excel and learn during dog training is a special joy.  I love knowing that I’m helping to set them up for a lifetime of success.”

Lynn’s dog training style is positive and proactive, and she will assess each dog independently and customize their training to their needs.  Additionally, she will provide pet parents a summary of training and guidelines for reinforcement, a crucial component of the training process.

Benefits of Dog Training

dog training in bloomfield, mi
Dog training sets your dog on the path to become an even more beloved member of the family.
1)      Bad behavior is frustrating, for you and your dog.  Dog training helps your dog understand the rules, and making you happy makes them happy too!

2)      Ever tell your pup to do something and they just won’t listen?  Never fear, Dogtopia is here!  We teach you and your pup how to communicate effectively, ending the cycle of commands that fall on deaf ears.

3)      A trained dog is a safe dog, because they understand and trust you and know what is expected of them at home and out on the town.

4)      You’ll absolutely love being able to take you to all the dog friendly establishments in Oakland County, without any fear of bad behavior!

5)      It’s fun & a great way to deepen the bond you have with your dog!

We’ve made dog training easy at Dogtopia by including it as part of our doggy day care.  No more racing across town to some dog training facility to get to your training class on time- instead, when you drop your pup off for doggy day care, they’ll get their full day of exercise in and be ready to learn, making their lessons ‘stick’.  We’re currently offering two programs, seen below:

dog trainer bloomfield mi
Our dog trainer will work with your pup to customize a program to fit your needs.

Play + Train (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons):

  • Outside + inside playgroup romping and relief + breakfast and lunch service
  • 30 minutes personalized private training lessons
  • Email lesson summary & recommendations

Play + Train + Stay (Daycare Playgroup + Training Lessons + Overnight stay)

  • Outside playgroup romping and relief
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner service
  • 1 hour personalized private training lessons
  • All daycare playgroup and socialization
  • Email lesson summary and recommendations
  • Tuck in and cuddle time
  • Savings: discount from buying training and daycare in package deals

The second option allows your dog to stay for overnight dog boarding, increasing the length of personal attention your dog received during training as well as ensuring consistency.  If you have an upcoming trip and need to board your dog, this is an ideal add on to your boarding!  You’ll come back to a pup with better manners, and you’ll have our recommendations and guidelines to follow when you bring your buddy home.  What a great way to get the training your dog needs!

Want to learn more? Contact us, and we’ll answer any questions you have.  We can’t wait to meet you and your pup!