dog trainer bloomfield mi

Picking a dog trainer isn’t exactly easy.  There are so many choices out there- you can Google search for one, try review sites like Yelp, looks at ‘best of’ lists, and even just ask around.  How can you pick between all of them?  Which is the best fit for YOUR dog?

There are several things to consider.  First and foremost is the training technique.  Secondly, what works for you- since you’ll be the one getting your pup to and from dog training, it needs to be a convenient option for you.  Not all dog training is created equal, and what works for your dog may not work for others. Third, is the environment the training is in.  At Dogtopia our dog training leverages our doggy day care for added dog socialization, which helps your dog focus on learning after getting their play time in early in the morning. All that exercise helps your dog to listen and learn during training, as well as when they get home later that evening.

What Makes a Great Dog Trainer?

dog trainer bloomfield mi
Our dog trainer Lynn demonstrates a controlled sit during dog training.

A great dog trainer will figure out what your dog needs to succeed, and will create a framework for them. We firmly believe you should only use a dog trainer who uses humane, positive reinforcement training techniques. Positive reinforcement is a slow and steady process, but it takes away the fear and negativity from punishments your dog might associate with learning and commands. This method relies on rewarding good behavior, and no punishment is involved. It’s by far the safest, best way to get your dog learning and achieving the way you want them to. Training techniques should never use yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, yanking on the leash, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto his back), or other actions that terrify or cause pain.

Great dog trainers also understand the value of socialization, and strive to get your dog comfortable in new situations and with new faces.  At Dogtopia, we do this by training your pup at our doggie day care facility, which provides them with a controlled environment where they can meet new people and new dogs.  We believe this is safer and better for your pup than dog training classes at big box pet stores where none of the attendees have been temperament tested, and you never know who might walk through the door.  Since you likely would be using our services for dog boarding and grooming as well, your dog will already know the environment and feel safe.

Why Should I Use a Dog Trainer?

Most every dog could benefit from working with a dog trainer.  Dog trainers are skilled in tapping into a dogs desire to learn and please, and they can quickly ‘train out’ bad behavior and help your dog learn new skills.If you’re a Dogtopia client and using our trainers, the results come much quicker due to the environment and added benefits of doggy day care during the training process. You’ll absolutely love being able to drop your dog off before work, and pick up a trained pup in the evening.  We will keep you informed along the way, and give you everything you need to understand our training progression.

Using a Dogtopia dog trainer is:

-a great way to end unacceptable behaviors or prevent them

-a smart investment in creating a canine companion for life

-a fool proof way to have a well behaved, fully trained dog

-wonderful for all ages of pups to learn or brush up on their skills

Call us for to learn more about dog training in Bloomfield!  We’ll tell you everything else you need to know about the program, and invite you to tour our facility and meet with a trainer. In the meantime, feel free to check us out on Facebook to see some of our doggy clients taking part in our dog training, just like the video demonstrating the “leave it” command.