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Deanna Delyea

Board Member

Ms. Delyea is the Controller and Director of several Canadian corporations and charitable organizations including Thomas Franchise Solutions Ltd. and Thomas Franchise Solutions Concept Fund #1 Limited Partnership.  She is responsible for cash flow management, capital budget administration, financial reporting and analysis. She is the Executive Director of LifePilot, an organization that delivers programs that are a catalyst for positive personal change and growth.

Ms. Delyea is the former Controller of a tire recycling facility and was the Self-Employment Coordinator for a government agency providing business development assistance and loan funds to small businesses.  Ms. Delyea was responsible for coordinating training programs for prospective entrepreneurs as well as administering several business loan funds. Ms. Delyea has worked for a number of lending institutions as well as an international marketing company established to sell potash outside of North America on behalf of provincial potash producers.  She has recently accepted the appointment of Director of Dogtopia.