Dogtopia Enterprises, a Phoenix-based, mid-sized franchise organization, specializing in dog daycare services, is looking for an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with a background in franchised or retail organizations. The ideal person will have progressed their financial career within a similar environment and be familiar with managing a highly transactional, fast-moving business unit, with an efficient, effective team. Experience with Microsoft Navision, Paylocity and Power BI (or similar data visualization tool) is an advantage. CPA is a requirement for the role and experience reporting to the CEO and Board of Directors is necessary. The ability to cut through the noise and add business value through complex data analytics and strategic modeling of future ancillary channels, along with IT, Supply Chain or HR oversight would be advantageous to the role. The desire to work in a high performing team and a rapidly changing environment is a must.

The CFO is responsible for:

  1. Financial Management: Day-to-day management of the finance team, cash flow, collections, payments and all other items listed below in job duties.
  2. Internal Reporting: Oversight and total responsibility for financial reporting, including daily/weekly/monthly reporting of our company stores, Ad fund compliance, reconciliation and reporting, Foundation compliance, collections and reporting, month end reporting to the Management team, Audit committee, the Board, Audit, Taxes and FDD.
  3. System-wide Reporting: Daily dashboards and scorecards are being provided to our franchise community with the goal of driving store revenue through retention, frequency and PPA.
  4. Regulatory: Compliance by all of Dogtopia entities in regard to regulatory requirements including licenses, insurances, taxes, employee benefits (401k, health insurance), HR compliance and banking covenants and relationships. Compliance with all FTC requirements under the franchise code is a must.
  5. The Team: Ongoing development and upskilling of the finance team members.
  6. Other Business Units: A resource for financial information to all other business units across the Enterprise.
  7. Banking Relationships: Nurturing and developing banking relationships corporately and from a franchisee funding perspective, including SBA and traditional corporate funding scenarios with the goal of expediting the franchisee funding approval process and open new stores faster.
  8. Franchisee Support: Communicate with franchisees at all levels and have the emotional intelligence to manage difficult situations to assist franchisees in understanding our position and culture.

Strategic Support

The CFO will provide strategic support to the CEO and Management Team in the following areas:

  1. Drive Change: Timely and effective reporting both internally and across the franchise network to change behavior and help prove-out the businesses strategic initiatives.
  2. Expedite Growth: Franchisee Banking relationships to expedite new store funding for franchisees.
  3. Corporate Banking: Manage the internal banking relationships to identify more streamlined technologies and systems while identify funding for future strategic initiatives.
  4. An all-in Mentality: Working with the Management Team to identify strategic initiatives to drive enterprise value through ancillary channels and be capable of rolling up the sleeves to execute on strategic initiatives, new channels, new partnerships, and identifying the funding to execute the initiative.
  5. Timely Audit and Taxes: Financial reporting, systems and management, along with regulatory compliance that ensures timely audit, FDD and Investor K1s.

Job Duties:


Oversight of a team that manage:

  • AR and AP including entry of non-franchisee cash receipts
  • Reconciliation of all entity journal entries
  • All entity financial reporting including P+Ls, cash flow forecasts and balance sheets
  • Daily cash at bank reports
  • Reconcile and post company stores’ daily sales

Reply respectfully to franchisee inquiries regarding billing and general questions

Support the Executive team with daily and strategic needs to influence rapid, sustainable growth

  • Record payroll entries, Paylocity validation, provide back-up to HR and reconcile intercompany transfers
  • Oversight on Dogtopia Supply Chain – ensure Purchase Quote to Invoice to Payment protocols are being met within the purchasing process
  • Foundation donation reconciliation and transfers on the employee side and franchisee side
  • Network of company stores weekly performance metrics reconciled and reported
  • Franchisee fee calculations and ACH function
  • Oversight of AP & AR
  • Other reporting as necessary for Franchisees & Company Stores
  • Review monthly reconciled financials with CEO
  • Maintain any updates to forecasts and budgets
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Sales tax calculations and compliance
  • Consolidation of all entities into the Enterprise
  • Prepare and present consolidated financials to CEO
  • Ad Fund financial reporting to VP of Marketing
  • Oversee the consolidation of a monthly business report
  • Entity reconciliation and reporting
  • All financial reporting for Board reports
  • Report to Audit committee
  • Review of annual budget with reforecasting as required
  • Present finance pack to the Board Members
  • Preparation & tracking of all entity budgets
  • Prepare and work with auditor on year-end financials, tax return adjustments & audit work
  • Insurance allocation, applications, and other insurance compliance
  • Employee benefits annual review, renewal and accrual management
  • Accurate and timely Annual financials to CEO and Board
  • Accurate and timely FDD with heavy oversight of item 7 and 19
  • Health Insurance review and renewal
  • Regulatory Compliance, including state taxes, company store licenses, etc
  • Financial modeling, forecasting and budgeting
  • Business Planning participation
  • Banking relationships both internally and to accelerate franchisee funding
  • Treasury and Cash Management
  • Diligence on acquisitions when required
  • Enterprise Software: full responsibility for effective use of the full suite of the Finance systems, software and platforms.
  • Ongoing development and upskilling of the Finance team as the business grows

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