Meet and Greet

Dogtopia of Dulles welcomes all dogs who meet our criteria, regardless of breed. In order to maintain a safe environment for all of our canine guests, we require our daycare and boarding dogs to first attend a meet and greet with our team. This will ensure that they are a good fit for our open play style.

At the meet and greet, we’ll chat about your pup’s health and history before bringing your dog to an evaluation room to assess how they react without their dog parent. We’ll then conduct a nose to tail assessment to determine if your dog has any sensitivities before introducing them to other dogs and observing their interactions.

Besides passing the meet and greet, dogs who stay with us must also:

  • Be over 3 months old
  • Be spayed or neutered if over 7 months old
  • Be current on required vaccines: rabies, DHPP, and bordetella
  • Be free of any communicable diseases for 30 days
  • Be free of fleas and ticks

To learn more about our meet and greet process and book your appointment, call (703) 278-2021, email, or fill out our enrollment form.