Meet the Owner Taylor James

Taylor James, owner of Dogtopia of Dulles always knew she wanted to own her own business. Taylor adopted Zoe, a very shy dog who needed a home because her former mom was being deployed. Not wanting Zoe to be home alone all day while she was at work, she took her to Dogtopia. Regular attendance at Dogtopia improved Zoe’s overall demeanor; she was much less shy and a happier dog. Taylor was so impressed with the changes in Zoe, that she wanted to bring this service to other dog lovers in the area.

Taylor decided to bring Dogtopia to the Dulles area, which has a thriving community of dog lovers and is in need of this type of service. With long commutes, many Northern VA dog parents are out of the home for extended periods of time during the day. Dogtopia offers them a safe, fun environment to leave their dogs for the day, or night, and give them peace of mind.

Taylor is thrilled to be able to offer Dogtopia to the Dulles area and looks forward to meeting you and your dog!


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