This past weekend the Carolinas were ravaged by Hurricane Florence. Thankfully everyone at Dogtopia of Charlotte – staff and dogs – are all safe and sound and doing well. Now we focus on rebuilding those who were not as fortunate. So many of you have reached out asking for ways to help. Here are some of the things we have going on that you can participate in.

  1. A few of our Humane Society foster dogs from L-R: Amelia, Hardee, Domo and Sadie.

    We took in nine dogs from the Humane Society of Charlotte. All of them are adoptable and would love a Dogtopia family or friend to make them part of their forever family. If you’d like to meet one of them, just ask at the front desk and we can coordinate a meet and greet for you.

  2. We’re acting as a drop-off point for donations going to the areas most affected by the storm. If you are unable to drop something off yourself, you are welcome to order it on Amazon and send it to our store. The address is 616 Springbrook Road, Charlotte, NC 28217. Right now these are the most critical needs:
    • old towels
    • unscented bleach
    • canned and dry dog & cat food (recommendation is Purina)
    • cat litter
    • baby wipes
    • slip leads
  3. Monetary donations are always needed to buy supplies that don’t get donated. If you’d like to donate locally, we always recommend the Humane Society of Charlotte or any of our other local rescues like the Greater Charlotte SPCA. These organizations have all taken animals from the affected areas who needed to be evacuated and will need resources to keep them fed and up-to-date with medications, vaccines, etc. If you’d like to donate more directly to people helping in affected areas, we recommend the Coalition for Animal Rescue (501c3). They are working to coordinate volunteers and donations where they are needed the most.
  4. If you’d like to volunteer your time, there are lots of opportunities for that as well. Volunteers will be needed both onsite in Charlotte to help sort donations and to transport donated items to Raleigh staging area and other sites as we begin to move efforts closer to the coast over the coming weeks. Volunteers will also be needed onsite at the various shelter locations to help care for animals being brought in. To volunteer, please visit the Operation Animal Rescue Network (OAR) Facebook page and look for the “Groups” section to join the group associated with the type of work you’d like to help with. Groups will communicate directly with you and update the status of the page twice per day or in the event of an emergency more often.
  5. Finally, if you have the space in your home and your heart, foster families are always needed even when there isn’t a natural disaster. There are lots of programs in our community to become a foster family. Here are just a few:

We know our #DogtopiaPack is pretty special and it’s never more apparent than during a time of crisis. Thank you all for your willingness and desire to help. If you have any questions you can email us or give us a call at 704-323-8486.