Did you know that there is a history to dog treats? And they’ve come a long way over the past decades. Dog treats as we know them weren’t really a thing until the mid-1800s; before then dogs were given stale (and sometimes moldy!) bread leftovers or rock hard biscuits that no one wanted. While on a trip in England, James Spratt changed the dog treat world when he came across some stray dogs scavenging for food. This is when he decided to make his “Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes”. They were cake-like biscuits made up of meats, grains, and vegetables. It wasn’t until 1908 that the F. H. Bennett Biscuit Company developed the Milk-Bone.

In today’s world, you can buy treats of all shapes, sizes, and flavors for your pet. Some are even healthy for them and made to help with that smelly dog odor breath! If your dog has food allergies, consider conjuring up your own homemade dog treats. Fresh fruits and veggies always make a yummy snack for them as well, just make sure they are safe for your friend before serving! Always take into consideration the calories in whatever treats you get and keep in mind what they are already eating. Dogs definitely are not considered about getting that summer body.

While we would love to spoil your pet with treats all day, many dogs have food allergies. Which is why here at Dogtopia, we always ask the pet parent before giving your dog’s treats or serving our house food, Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice blend. We always take into account what dog has food allergies and who is allowed what while they are in our care.

This day is all about celebrating your pet with a well deserved treat. Maybe your dog just nailed a training session or didn’t chew your couch up while you were at work? Reward that behavior with treats, and of course love. What pup wouldn’t love that?!