dog riding in car

January 2 is “National Pet Travel Safety Day.” It seeks to highlight the dangers of unsecured pets in vehicles and educate the public about how to make vehicle and plane travel safer for people and the pets they love. Are you traveling by plane or car? The ASPCA recommends these steps:

Try booking a direct flight whenever possible to decrease the chances of your being left on the tarmac during inclement weather conditions or mishandled by baggage personnel.

Make an appointment with your veterinarian for a checkup prior to flying to get a health certificate for proof of vaccines and check for ways to relax your pet if you are worried about them becoming fearful or anxious. Traveling can wear out your furry companion too!

Purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate have it stocked or lined with what makes your pet comfortable such as bedding or pads for accidents.

Double check that your pet has proper identification, and mark their crate with the words “Live Animal” as well as your name, cell phone, and a photo of your pet.

Be sure to tell the airline employees before and as you board that you are traveling with a pet in the cargo hold that way they will be ready if any additional attention is needed especially if your flight is delayed.

Prep your pet for a long road trip and prep a pet friendly travel kit (food, leash, waste scoop, medication, pet first aid, etc). Always carry your pet’s vaccine history while traveling, especially across states. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water (bottled water is best for traveling).

If your pet is not freely riding in the car be sure they are secure in a well-ventilated crate or carrier. Or try and keep your pet in the back seat in a harness attached to a seat buckle.

Also, never leave your pet unattended in a parked vehicle whether it’s hot or cold outside.

If you’d prefer not to travel with your pet, you can always book them a travel-free staycation at Dogtopia!