Dogtopia of Charlotte National Puppy Day

Today is National Puppy Day! This day was founded in 2006 by author Colleen Paige. She hopes this day will not only celebrate those little furballs that bring unconditional love to our lives, but to shine light on importance of adopting and rescuing puppies.

We love puppies at Dogtopia! In fact, we consider ourselves Puppy Love Experts. We love watching them grow and open up in our playrooms! Just adopted a new dog puppy? Bring them to daycare. A well-balanced puppy needs safe socialization right from the start, that’s why a puppy’s first day is FREE at Dogtopia!*

Happy, healthy puppies need plenty of playtime in a safe setting for learning and growing with friends during their first year. That’s where we come in!

At Dogtopia, we provide a nurturing and fun environment where your pup can get socialization, exercise and education.

It’s a great way for puppies to thrive and learn new things. While training and spending time with you is great, it’s important for puppies to meet other dogs and experience new environments. Dogs are social creatures so daycare is a great way for them to get socialized, exercise, and play with other dogs all at the same time. This will also ease your mind knowing your pup is getting the attention and love they deserve while you’re away.

Show us how you’re celebrating National Puppy Day! Tag us on social media and don’t forget to use #nationalpuppyday to let everyone know what this day is about!

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