Celebrate the joy of training and building a healthy relationship with your four-legged companion during January’s “National Train Your Dog Month!” Training builds trust and leadership between you and your dog. Try dedicating 10 to 15 minutes of your day to training your dog. Here are just a few benefits of training your dog:

  • Stimulates pleasure center of the dog’s brain and makes your dog want to repeat positive behaviors.
  • Improves your dog’s ability to read body language and increase appropriate responses to verbal cues.
  • Helps associate you with good feelings and fun for your dog which makes your dog happier, less anxious, and more social
    Makes your dog more confident in public and at home.
  • Boosts release of the pleasure chemical Oxytocin and reduces the level of stress chemical Cortisol which physically addicts your dog to listening to you!

You can even work on your training when you bring your dog to Dogtopia for daycare or boarding:

  • Work on walking on a loose leash from your car to the front door.
  • Ask your dog to sit before opening the front door to come in.
  • Ask our Canine Coaches and Shift Leads to work with you to prevent jumping in the lobby