Carolina Panthers Pride Fundraiser

Congrats to the Carolina Panthers on their win yesterday! Their 16 points yesterday brings us up to $95 raised for the Dogtopia Foundation. With our customer donations it brings us to a total of $140!

Another congratulations to Autumn Trombini! She’s getting a free day of daycare for her $20 donation to our Panthers Pride Fundraiser Update and Give-Away.

Just a reminder – we will donate a dollar to the Dogtopia Foundation for every point the Panthers score in each game. Customers can earn a point for every dollar they donate or for every time their dog wears Panthers gear to daycare. At the end of the season the customer with the most points will win a big Panthers themed prize that will also include a 20-day daycare pass. Throughout the season we’ll also be giving away various smaller prizes to our leaders when the Panthers win. Keep Pounding!