Pricing Changes:

We hope your 2018 has been fabulous so far! To continue to chase the highest quality of standards and safety for your pups, we are increasing our pricing for the first time since 2016. 

New Pricing: Current Pricing:
Half Day Daycare: $18 $17
Single Day Daycare: $30 $29
5-Day Daycare Pass: $140 ($28/day) $135
10-Day Pass: $270 ($27/day) $260
20-Day Pass: $500 ($25/day) $480
30-Day Pass: $690 ($23/day) $660
Unlimited Pass: $440 $420
Boarding $45/night $44/night


This price increase will begin September 1 and we invite you to purchase daycare passes through the end of August at the current rates before the price increase. Please call with any questions you might have or to purchase a daycare pass over the phone. We thank you and your pup for your continued loyalty to Dogtopia and look forward to many more fun-filled days with your dogs!

Updated Brand Standards:

Just like your dog, we are growing and evolving. In order to maintain the same quality experience you know and love, we are putting some company-wide standards in place to provide a consistent Dogtopia experience across all locations for all pet parents. We hope you’ll read the entire email so you’re aware of the upcoming updates that will take effect September 1. Have a few questions when you’re done reading? Just ask!

Daycare Passes & Boarding:
Daycare passes may only be used for daycare. Boarding will be a flat rate fee and must be purchased separately. This way you can keep your daycare days for when you’re back from your vacation.

If you have purchased a daycare pass specifically to use for boarding prior to September 1, you will be allowed to use it for that purchase. Any daycare passes purchased after September 1 can only be used for daycare.

Daily Naptime:
Naptime is from 12pm-2pm, Monday – Sunday. These times are closed for pick-up and drop-off. It’s important to allow the dogs to rest without interruption. Additionally, some dogs enjoy lunch and receive important medications during this time.

Half-Day AM & PM:
AM Half-day is from 7am to 12pm.
PM Half-day is from 2pm to 7pm.
Late pick up fees or full day charges will apply if picked up outside of these hours. This is to avoid interruption during naptime and to allow all dogs to get their much-needed rest.

10% Discount for your second dog, 25% for your third or more
10% Discount for Boarding stays longer than 5 days

Missing your dog while they’re at Dogtopia? Our webcams will remain on during all open-play hours, Monday – Sunday. Webcams will not be on during naptime (12pm-2pm) and bedtime. You can access our webcams through our Dogtopia app on Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

We appreciate your understanding and your loyalty to Dogtopia. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have about the new standards that will take effect September 1. Have a great day!