Pets Lover

This is the 24th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week! “This week provides an opportunity to celebrate the value of professional pet sitters who work year round to offer the highest quality pet care and to also highlight what a rewarding—and profitable—career pet sitting can be,” said Patti J. Moran, PSI’s founder and president of Pet Sitters International.

Pet sitters not only feed and water your pet while you’re away, they also spend quality time with your pet. A good pet sitter knows this and knows to exercise your pet as needed, as well as keeping up with any medical issues your pet may have. Choosing to hire a pet sitter is great for dogs who do not do well in open-play boarding environments like Dogtopia. Being at home guarantees that your dog gets to stick to their regular routine in the environment they are most comfortable in. You also get to go on vacation knowing your pet is happy at home with company.

No two dogs are alike; one dog may thrive in the open-play environment while another may resort to showing extreme anxiety. If you aren’t sure how your dog will like boarding in open-play, our Meet and Greet process is a great way for us to get to know your dog one-on-one. Our staff is equipped with dog behavior and body language training prior to running a playroom or conducting a Meet and Greet. We’ll give you honest feedback on whether your dog is a good fit for our open-play environment. If not, we have lots of great pet sitters we can recommend.

Whatever you decide is right for your pet, you can be sure they are treated with the same love and attention they deserve!