Today is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, giving us a chance to think back on all of our wonderful canine companions who have left us too soon. I’m thinking about my beautiful Akita named Katrina. She traveled with me from Pensacola, Florida to Atsugi, Japan, from Washington, DC to Charlotte, North Carolina. She was there for me when I got married, when I got divorced, when I opened a business, when I remarried, and when I had kids. We called her Katrina, Trina Bear, and Big Faced Dog. She lived to be 14 and even in her old age would still play with her favorite toy when we got home at night.

Talking about the love we have for dogs like Katrina is a gift we can share with all the other dog lovers in the world. That’s why I want to share this gorgeous book by Charlotte author Jim Mitchem and Charlotte designer Laurie Goldman Smithwick. Gone Dogs is a beautiful tribute to the dogs we’ve loved and lost like Katrina.

Gone Dogs was born from a blog post Jim wrote about his dog passing. It was a simple tribute that generated a strong response and made him realize that all dog owners have something important in common — eventually, we must all say goodbye.

With fifty stories and poems by people from all over the world, according to Jim, Gone Dogs is the greatest collection of love stories about dogs ever published. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Who are you remembering today?