Puppy and Dog Training

We are pleased to be offering dog training including Puppy, General Obedience, 

Novice Trick Dog and Scent Games Training. Classes held at Dogtopia of Coquitlam!


Instructor: Taylor Lima CPDT-KA, CTDI of Woof Who’s Happy Canine Services
Taylor is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, graduate of the Dog Trainer Foundations course at the Karen Pryor Academy, professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More With Your Dog.


Puppy Pre-K

Wednesdays May 23 – July 4   7:30pm – 8:30pm    $140 + tax (six 1 hr classes)

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so your puppy has an opportunity to potty before class

Objective: Puppies will graduate puppy class with better manners, appropriate dog-dog communication skills, and adequately desensitized to a number of new stimuli.

Handlers will leave class with better knowledge on:

  • How to handle common puppy problems
  • How to identify good & bad interactions between dogs
  • Basic training principles including marker training, redirection, and keeping puppy engaged
  • The importance of exposure to new stimuli with puppies
  • The importance of mental stimulation in dogs

Required: Puppies must have at least their second set of vaccinations in order to attend

To Register: Please visit woofwhoshappy.com/booking


Mind Your Manners (General Obedience)

Tuesdays May 22 – July 3    7:30pm – 8:30pm    $150 + tax (six 1 hr classes)

Objective: Dogs will graduate class with exemplary “real world” manners, better impulse control, and increased engagement with their handler. Handlers will leave class with a better understanding of marker training; they will learn how to redirect their dog if they display a “bad” behavior; and understand the importance of ongoing training.

Required: Dogs must be fully vaccinated (distemper/parvo, rabies, and bordetella) in order to attend.

This group class is not a good environment for aggressive/reactive dogs.

To Register: Please visit woofwhoshappy.com/booking


Novice Trick Dog

Mondays May 28 – July 9   7:30pm – 8:30pm    $160 + tax (six 1 hr classes)

Objective: Dogs must learn and demonstrate tricks totaling 15 points in order to earn their DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Title

Required: Mind Your Manners/equivalent beginner obedience course

Dogs should already know and be able to demonstrate several 1-point tricks that they have learned in Mind Your Manners or equivalent beginner obedience course, such as:

1. Sit  2. Down  3. Come when called  4. Food refusal/leave it  5. Target mat (“on your mat”)

6. Heel & auto sit  7. Stay  8. Drop it  9. Spin  10. Touch my hand

Over this six week course, dogs will learn and demonstrate the remaining tricks they need in order to receive their Novice Trick Dog Title. Dogs must be able to perform each behavior at least twice and without the use of a food lure. Dogs may learn behaviors quickly and be able to accurately demo the tricks after just a few minutes. Tricks can be signed off on at any time in the course, so long as the dog is meeting the aforementioned criteria. This will help speed the class along as well as keep it flexible. Dogs that may need a bit more time to practice certain tricks have ample time to do so. Dogs do not have to have each trick completely down pat by the end of an hour long class- they will be able to take time to practice at home as well as have more time in class if necessary. Dogs & handlers will also learn more general skills in certain classes, rather than an exact trick. Some classes will have “stations,” so half the class are practicing one trick while others are practicing another or a different skill. Halfway through they can switch, in order to keep dogs and handlers from getting bored.

Dogs will learn more tricks than the required number. This means that if a dog and handler team is struggling with a certain trick, they will not be prevented from earning their title as they will have an opportunity to learn a different trick instead. Tricks will get more complicated as each week progresses. The skills the dogs learn each week will aid them in performing more complex tricks in later weeks.

To Register: Please visit woofwhoshappy.com/booking

Scent Games

Thursdays  7:30pm – 8:30pm      May 24 – July 5      $150 + tax (six 1 hr classes)

Required: No prerequisite training required

Harness the power of your dog’s nose and discover a fun new way to bond with your dog.

Scent Games is an introductory level class that will teach dogs how to search for a specific odor. Your dog will learn how to track and source odor in various search set ups.

Dogs will perform their searches one at a time, which means this class is available for:

puppies,  shy/fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, older dogs

Scent Games are a great stress reliever for hyperactive dogs, a perfect place to build confidence for timid/fearful dogs, and an all around great activity for any dog!

All dogs must be fully vaccinated in order to attend (distemper/parvo, rabies, and kennel cough vaccines). Proof of vaccinations must be emailed to the instructor or brought to class on the first day.

To Register: Please visit woofwhoshappy.com/booking

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