$200 + GST

6 weeks

  • Once a week
  • Prerequisites: Dogs must have basic obedience skills in place.

*This class is a pre-requisite to ALL other Dogtopia Agility Classes.

This Foundation Class is for dogs of all ages and teaches the skills needed before moving on to the focused obstacle training in the Basic Agility Class (BA). This class will give your dog the right start in Agility or can also be a great refresher for dogs already active in Agility but needing to fix some “holes” in their foundation by going back to a few basics.

Agility Foundation training will teach your dog to focus and be attentive while other dogs are moving, playing or running. You will work with your dog to perfect the stay and recall work that is required for the Beginner Agility class. You will learn basic groundwork such as how to cue your dog to move and turn with you. Clicker training will be introduced and explained.

Dogs in this class will not be working on all the pieces of equipment but will become familiar with obstacles designed to promote balance and coordination skills. The Foundation Class will create an even stronger working relationship between dog and handler and will incorporate fun “training games” to promote learning through play. Have fun with your dog while teaching the basics of the sport of Agility.

This class is a pre-requisite to ALL other Dogtopia Agility Classes.

Upcoming Class start dates

  • Thursday, Oct. 17 @ 6:00 pm (Blackfoot)

For dates, please check the full classes calendar