$200 + GST

6 weeks

  • Once a week
  • Graduation from this class is a prerequisite for all agility classes.

Developing a Strong Foundation: Dogs and handlers learn basic skills needed for success in Agility. “Flat work”, away from the obstacles, is emphasized in order to train basic moves and turns. Handlers learn how to keep the dog focused in the presence of other dogs, how to motivate their dog, and how to teach a reliable “wait” command needed for Agility.

You and your canine partner will begin the steps to developing a strong foundation not only for Agility but for other canine sports as well. During this class you will develop the groundwork necessary for jumps, weave poles, correct contact performance, target training and much more. Dogs will work on and off leash.

Upcoming Class start dates

  • Thursday, Oct. 17 @ 7:15 pm (Blackfoot)
  • Saturday, Oct. 26 @ 1:45 pm (Blackfoot) *No class Nov. 9th

For dates, please check the full classes calendar