$200 + GST

6 weeks

  • Once a week
  • Pre-requisites: Teams must have completed Basic Athlete & Novice Athlete or be able to show an understanding of work on the flat, targeting, and knowledge of all obstacles at lower heights and be working free from distraction.

Putting It All Together: Dog/handler teams learn simple sequencing of obstacles. We will stress effective communication of commands from the handler and the development of focus and responsiveness in the dogs. The goal is to prepare the dog and handler for the more advanced levels of agility. Full courses will be run occasionally but the intent of these sessions is to help you perfect your execution of smaller sequences in order to facilitate your fluid handling when you get to run a full course.

Obstacle heights will be raised. Emphasis will be placed on handling skills and sequencing. Teams must be working contacts at full height, have a good start line wait and be able to work off leash without visiting others to advance from this class.


  • Tues, Nov. 5, 2019 @ 7:00 pm (Blackfoot)

For dates, please check the full classes calendar