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Why Take the CGC Class?

Do You want your dog to be a step above the rest?

Take your dog to the next level with our Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class here at Dogtopia of Ellisville! The CGC is an AKC title and Certification designed to recognize well manner dogs and responsible ownership. This certification is the next step for any dog who has already learned basic training skills or after formal dog training. It is the first step for many therapy dogs, and is a great way to get started into the great world of dog sports!

Our Trainers

Our trainers are certified professionals with years of experience. They are both AKC certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluators. They will teach you all you need to know to pass this class and test you for the CGC. Our trainers will give you one on one attention as you need throughout the class.

Our Class

In our class we prepare you for the CGC over an 8 week period. Where we work on both the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the AKC Community Canine (CGCA) which is the next level after CGC. We help you work with your dog on loose leash walking (without aids such as training collars or treats), long out of sight stays, and much more! For our CGC Graduates we have our own Rosettes as a reward for completion of our class!

For a complete list of Canine Good Citizen test items please look here
For a complete list of Community Canine test items please look here

Our Students

Our CGC class is not for the beginner dog in training. Your dog must already know basic commands such as Sit, Down, Heel, Come, and Stay for at least 30 seconds. Your dog must also already be comfortable around other people and dogs in group environments. If you have any concerns about whether your dog is ready to enroll in our CGC class please consider our Obedience Program first and please contact us at (636) 283-2444.

How do i get ready for class?

To get your pup ready for the Canine Good Citizen class you should bring your dog to our Saturday group class. Especially if you have not completed your 4 Saturday group classes offered in out Obedience Program. If you have already completed all 4 Saturday classes then you can give us a call to book more classes for only $15 a class. If you have not trained with us before then you should give us a call to talk to one of our trainers who can help you make a plan for success.

What can i do to get ready at home?

For CGC, training only at home may not be enough to get you ready to pass the test. Training outside of the house will be the key to success for the CGC. You can work on all of the basic commands out in public. Taking your dog to train in public helps your dog get ready for unexpected distractions, to socialize your dog even more, and can even help other people when they see a under control dog out in public!

Public places you can take your dog to train!

  • Dogtopia!
  • Many hardware stores are dog friendly such as Lowes
  • Most farm stores are very dog friendly
  • Of course you can always take your dog to your vet
  • Many outdoor recreation stores are dog friendly such as Cabela’s
  • Taking your dog to the park is not a bad idea
  • There are many other places you can take your dog to, be sure they are dog friendly before you take your dog!

What do i need to bring to class?

Materials you need for class!

  • Of course, you cant go to class without your dog!
  • You will also need a comfortable leash, we recommend using a six foot leash for any kind of training
  • You will need to bring your dogs favorite treats, especially if your dog has food allergies
  • Make sure you have a flat or martingale collar in addition to any training collar you are using

Look into registering your dog with the AKC

The CGC is a American Kennel Club program. The AKC requires your dog to be registered with them in order to obtain the CGC title. We will ask you to have your dog registered by the end of the CGC class to complete your title and certification! All dogs of all ages, breeds or mixtures can be registered with the AKC and can complete the CGC class.

For more information about registering your dog with the AKC, please click here

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