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Home sweet home away from home where I can have my own blanket and doggie personal space.

For those times when you can’t bring your furry family member along with you on a trip, or perhaps you need a dog-free house for the night, Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway is here to help. Our boarding service acts as a staycation for our pups to enjoy, whether for a short period or an extended stay.

In true staycation fashion, your pup will have a fun-filled day at our daycare where they will socialize with their new furry friend group as they partake in exciting, agility-focused activities and brain games designed to keep them moving and feeling great. Then, it’s time for bed in the same home-style crate that they napped in during the day, which helps boost their comfort level. Pet parents can also choose our private suite option, great for dogs who enjoy solitude at night or pups who want to stick together, such as siblings.

Pet parents can rest assured that their dog will not spend their day in a kennel or isolated room like some dog daycares. Rather, they will fill their day with playing, education, and exercise. Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway’s boarding pups also get to participate in our daycare events like pool parties, doggie photoshoots, bacon-flavored bubble parties, and puppuccino days.

For many dogs, boarding will be a new experience. That is why we like all of our boarding dogs to partake in three days of daycare before their boarding stay. We will be extra focused on your dog so that they don’t get overstimulated, and our highly trained team will note when they need to take breaks, as required. Since your pup will be enjoying daycare activities during the day, they will have the chance to familiarize themselves with our staff and the space around them, leading to a more comfortable experience when it’s time to spend the night.


Our brand new, 5,100 sq. ft. facility provides a modern, open-play environment designed to provide each pup with the Most Exciting Day Ever. When your dog stays one night or for an extended stay, they will first start off their fun-filled day in one of our three playrooms. We separate our dogs by size, temperament, and play style to provide each pup with a comfortable and safe experience. The “Toybox” playroom is for the pups who are 25lbs and under, our “Romper” playroom is an ideal fit for dogs who are a bit bigger and more rambunctious while playing, and our “Gym” is for the bigger breeds who are well-socialized or older in age. We also boast more than 900 sq. ft. of outdoor play space for our pups to play, weather permitting, because what would a staycation be without some sunshine?

All of our playrooms are supervised by highly trained Canine Coaches and our expert team will also be there for our boarding pups to prepare them for the night. With their extensive knowledge of dog body language and behavior, our Canine Coaches will encourage socialization, organize engaging brain games and agility-themed activities, and help maintain fun and safe play throughout the day.

Before any pup visits Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway for boarding or any other of our services, they must first pass our Meet & Greet, which is a thorough evaluation conducted by our expert evaluator. They will note their overall observations of your pup’s response to our facility and staff, our home-style crates, and other pups in a smaller-scale play area. The goal is to ensure each pup will thrive in our off-leash, open-play environment. We will also use this chance to show you around our entire facility so that you can see where your pup will be staying.

Please note that all dogs must be at least 12 weeks old with up-to-date vaccinations (i.e., Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP) to visit Dogtopia. Dogs seven months and older must be spayed/neutered.


When your pup arrives at Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway, they will be treated with the same love and attention as our daycare dogs. This means they will get to socialize with like-minded pups and enjoy all of the fun activities our team has arranged. At noon, our pups take a well-deserved break where they can nap, eat lunch, and recharge. When their relaxing “me time” is over at 2:00 p.m., they are back to playing until closing. While our daycare dogs get picked up at this time, our boarding pups get to extend the staycation fun by having dinner and heading to sleep.

What makes our boarding services stand out is the addition of daycare pups get to enjoy. Dogtopia dogs receive eight to ten hours of play, learning, and exercise each day. This movement they get from engaging in fun activities is a great way to boost cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of dog obesity, and improve overall wellbeing. When you are away, rather than leaving your pup at home or in a smaller space without any furry friends around, bring them to Dogtopia of Fairmont Parkway to boost their spirits and keep their mind occupied to help shape them into even better canine citizens.

Many pet parents also like to add spa treatments for their dog during the day. We offer a range of services from nail trims to brush outs, so pups can leave looking and smelling like the “top dog.”


To make the experience as comfortable as possible for your pup, we recommend you bring their bedding, blanket, and/or a toy that can offer them small reminders of home. Keep in mind the boarding option you select (home-style crate or private suite) before packing, as not everything may fit.

We also recommend bringing their own food from home, which we will happily prepare according to any certain specifications. We can also provide our own healthy options and offer them protein bowls, peanut butter-stuffed Kongs, and other yummy items.


To give your pup the safest experience at our facility, we follow established cleaning protocols that have been expertly crafted by Dogtopia’s Environmental Biologist to keep everything in optimal condition. Our playrooms are cleaned multiple times a day with pet-friendly cleaning products to keep the space looking and smelling fresh. Our playrooms use compressed rubberized flooring to aid in the long-term joint, paw, and hip health of our dogs, while full walls separate each playroom to help prevent any airborne viruses that commonly spread in the air from dogs. We have also equipped a UV-filtered HVAC system in each playroom to help us control the temperature, remove bacteria, and keep fresh air circulating.


Spending time away from your furry four-legged family member is never easy. To help with this, we have equipped webcams in each playroom so you can see your pup in action during daycare hours. Join the cuteness through our private stream available to pet parents via our website or our free mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices.


Is your pup ready for a staycation of their very own? Owners Justin and Laura Rosenhagen and our entire team can’t wait to meet you and your furry family member! Located on the north side of Fairmont Parkway between Country Rd. and Space Center Blvd., we are only a quick drive from the Sam Houston Tollway. When you arrive, there is loads of parking both on the side and back of our stand-alone building, and we also offer curbside drop-off if you are in a hurry.

If you are going on a family vacation or a quick work trip, our location is less than 15 minutes away from Houston Hobby Airport, making drop-off before departure convenient. We are also located near popular stores like Target, Barnes and Noble, and a HEB grocery store – great spots to visit if you need to grab any last-minute items before a trip.

We welcome pet parents and their pups from several surrounding neighborhoods including Baywood Oaks West, Clear Lake City, and Pine Brook. We are also close to Baywood Oaks, Bay Oaks, The Reserve at Clear Lake, and Pasadena River Oaks, so please stop by for a tour as we’d love to meet you!


If you would like to book a boarding stay with us, give us a call at 281-417-4660, and our team will assist you. You can also leave any questions you have about boarding or any of our other services on our online contact form.
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