“In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” -Albert Einstein

5 Reasons You’ve Noticed Around You That Indicate: Why There has never a Better time to Invest in a Dogtopia Dog Daycare!

  • There is a Dog boom in Canada; we know this because we all see dogs, everywhere. Statistics show dog ownership increased by 8% from 2016 – 2018. This led to there being an equal number of dogs in Canada as cats for the first time, ever, and this was pre-pandemic. Dogs Population.
  • Condos are quickly building dog friendly towers and looking for ways to enhance occupancy and offer new amenities for dog lovers beyond the previously common dog washes.
  • Landscaped and serviced off-leash dog parks are seen across our cities and have come to be expected to facilitate urban dog ownership.
  • 2020 has seen a further growth explosion in dog ownership through both adoptions and breeders which is known as the “Pandemic Puppy Boom”.

The Pet Industry has proven to be recession resistant, again, as witnessed by the fact that spending on pets, and dog ownership, has gone up in 2020. All indicators lead to anticipated growth continuing in the pet services sector. An expected CAGR of 5.9% between now and 2026 for the Pet Sector. – According to Canadian Pet Market Survey 2020.

This kind of macro market growth and awareness also creates new opportunities for our sector that didn’t exist even nine months ago. All of these trends have emerged in the middle of a pandemic and dog owners, landlords and developers are all taking note. We are entering a once in a lifetime tenant opportunity period.

For example, in terms of real estate, there are prime strip mall and retail brick and mortar locations available today that were not available 8 months ago. Traditional retail vacancy rates expected to double in early 2021 which will result in landlords continuing to be more receptive Dogtopia Daycare facilities as they are a well-managed, clean, and typically a non-competitive co-tenant. Dogtopia is a service provider that enhances the overall tenant mix. This has the result of improved rental rates and locations being offered to Dogtopia.

Dogtopia also attracts two key demographics who have been less impacted by the pandemic and who still have discretionary income to spend on their Best Furry Friends (BFFF): Millennials and Boomers both. In fact, the available discretionary income for Dogtopia services has increased as the spending on travel, dining and other entertainment has decreased significantly.
These customer segments are known to be spenders on their Fur Babies. Millennials use daycare while working, Boomers using boarding services while travelling, and both use spa and training services. The spending on dogs continues to be sustainable during economic challenges.

Petcare in most municipalities throughout the pandemic and early shutdowns, was named an essential service.

The Dogtopia Covid Reality:
Dogtopia locations, in the main, have remained open and operating throughout the pandemic. Dogtopia took the opportunity to learn from the crisis and improve the already excellent service standards by implementing enhanced cleaning protocols. Contactless registration, payment and dog drop off and pick up were also introduced.

The Dogtopia App now has easy daycare and spa service appointment booking.

Dogtopia has seen performance rebound more quickly than many as we continue to improve our model and the demand continues to increase. In fact, we have just celebrated our third Dogtopia Daycare Franchise opening during the pandemic and were pleased to have achieved record pre-opening sales!


Dogtopia, the right business Model, the right Brand and the right Sector… perfect timing Right Now!