When owning a franchise, the people you are in business with is just as important as the brand you chose. It is important to know that no franchisor can ever run your business for you, however, we can provide maximum support in all areas brand-related. So, what type of support can you expect directly from Dogtopia Canada?

Pre-Opening Support: Immediately upon signing a franchise agreement with Dogtopia, we will have the operations team and the real estate team reach out to you to start your journey with each department. On the operations side, we will set up your e-mail, register you for Dogtopia University, and start training you on other platforms within our network. On the real-estate side, we will immediately begin the site selection process by introducing you to our commercial real-estate firm and having you tour locations in your selected territory. Once selected, we will take on the lease negotiations for you to get you the best deal given our current unit economics!

Founders Offer: Once a location has been secured, construction complete, and a launch date set, we will work with you on creating a one-of-a-kind Founders offer! The founders offer is a unique one-time discount pet parents in your local area can take advantage of that will help drive maximum traffic into your door on your first day of business. This allows you to reach your break-even point as quickly as possible, especially since we have a 90% conversion ratio of converting first-time customers into returning business. So far, the record for our founders offer is 170 total packages sold at the Regina East location in January, 2021!

Playbook (Ops + Marketing): One of the biggest reasons people invest in a franchise is having the ability to replicate an established business model. Knowing this, we provide you with the entire 100+ page manual that gives you the opportunity to create a clone of our corporate stores. The playbook will suggest things such as suggested prices to charge, target audiences for marketing, how to facilitate a meet and greet, how to post new jobs, and everything else you need to know operationally. We will also grant you access to all of our marketing templates so whether you are doing digital or in-person marketing all you need to do is “plug and play”!

Town Halls + Village of Knowledge: Even after opening your store, we will meet with you both individually and on group sessions with other Dogtopia franchisees on a regular basis. By participating in bi-weekly town halls and taking advantage of our robust village on knowledge you are able to work with like-minded individuals to make the most out of each platform we have internally and service we offer externally!

Want to know how to open your own Dogtopia location near you? Call or email us at: 289.231.6285 / [email protected]