At Dogtopia, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all dog-related services our pet parents need. . Dogtopia is the leading provider of dog daycare across North America and below is a full list of our offerings:

1- Daycare: Daycare is the core revenue stream for Dogtopia and will make up the majority of your top line sales. On any given day, a Dogtopia location can have over 100 dogs participating in daycare at a single time. Each Dogtopia in Canada does have 3 playrooms available so we can appropriately separate dogs based on size and play-style. We do not allowed unneutered or unvaccinated dogs to partake in our Daycare services as a safety precaution for all dogs in our care. All dogs must also be at least 6 months of age prior to attending Dogtopia daycare, but a “puppy pre-school” class is also available to allow younger dogs to become acclimated to Dogtopia and socializing with other pups from a young age.

2-Boarding: Overnight boarding is offered at each Dogtopia location across Canada. Boarding dogs will benefit from 8-10 hours of open play all day and will stay overnight at their respective daycare center with their bff’s. We also have dedicated suite upgrades available for pet-parents looking for a more premium experience for their furry children!

3-Grooming: Each Dogtopia daycare center has its own dedicated grooming spa with 1-2 bathing stations. The spa and grooming services include, but are not limited to,: haircuts, baths, and nail trims.

4-Dog Training: Training is not a required service at Dogtopia, so the level of training offered at each location will vary, however, we do have the tools and curriculum developed to allow stores to facilitate both group and in-person training. Training sessions will typically be provided directly by your Canine Coaches who will go through a combination classroom and in-person practical training that will certify them to offer these classes at your location.

5-Retail: Our business model is a service-based concept that focuses on minimizing our cost of goods by eliminating supply chain, inventory management, and vendor management where possible. In the future, Dogtopia plans to expand into e-commerce to make important value-add products available for pet parents.. We encourage you to raise funds for the Dogtopia Foundation Canada by hosting fun events that include local retail partnerships such as photo-ops, special treat days, and many more fun-filled days!

If you would like more information regarding the services we allow Franchisees to provide to customers please contact: 289.231.6285 / [email protected]