Meet a DogtopiaN who embraces health and wellness for humans and pups

What do dog daycare and human fitness have in common? More than you might think according to Oregon area Dogtopia owner Jamie Weeks, who is also one of the largest Orangetheory Fitness franchisees.

“Orangetheory is for the health and wellness of my body, Dogtopia is for the health and wellness of my dog,” Weeks said.

Millennials are more in touch with their bodies than any generation, why wouldn’t they want the same for their dogs, too.

“I am so excited to work out, I can only imagine they are feeling the same thing.”

The similarities between the human health sector and dog daycare span more than just what dogs experience in the playrooms.

“I love the technology in both brands. I have a heart rate monitor for my Orangetheory workouts to track my progress,” Weeks said. “Then at Dogtopia, I have cameras in the playrooms to check in on my pups and digital tracking systems to get notes from my Canine Coaches.”

Dogs at Dogtopia experience supervised playtime that encourages exercise and healthy engagement. With an estimated 50 percent of all dogs in America considered obese (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention), the importance of active and consistent playtime is paramount at any Dogtopia across North America.

Not only do dogs experience active play sessions, but they experience socialization that is crucial for the betterment of the dog.

“In my opinion, we are humans are so much better and healthier with other humans around us. Dogs are the same, they need that socialization to stay fit and help their mental health as well,” Weeks said.

The momentum of both industries is what drew Weeks to both Orangetheory Fitness and Dogtopia – especially with both target audiences geared toward young, active individuals.

“Health and wellness and dogs are key drivers for millennials today,” Weeks said. “These industries aren’t going away any time soon.”

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