Galleria Pricing

Dog Daycare

Daycare Evaluation $35
1 Visit $34
Half Day $20


5 - Day Pass $160
10 - Day Pass $310
10 - Half Day Pass $190


BFFFs - Best Furry Friend Forever $240/month

8 daycare days per month

Really Big Deal $335/month

12 daycare days per month

Top Dog $550/month

unlimited daycare days per month

*All memberships require a minimum commitment of 2 months and are billed monthly with 30 day cancellation notice required.

Dog Boarding

Standard Boarding $52
Holiday Boarding $62

All boarding includes daycare

Dog Spa

Spa Service* Starts at $35 and Up
Nail Trim $15
Ear Cleaning $10
Teeth Brushing $10
Brush Out Starts at $15*
Anal Gland Expression $15

*Final grooming pricing will be determined by coat condition and length.  All grooms include a spa bath, brush out, nail trim, and ear cleaning