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73 King St. W., Unit 102, Kitchener, Ontario N2G 1X2

4.9 Star Rating - 211 reviews

I like the friendly staff, the webcams and the many different services offered in one place.


Extremely knowledgeable and friendly staff who really went over and above to make sure Lily was comfortable and that I was informed on every aspect of the orientation process. Love the idea that you get to check in on them throughout the day right from the app as well via. the live Cameras. The mid day call, report card and first day photo were such a nice thoughtful touch. All around very impressed guys, great job! So nice to know my Lily girl is well taken care of when I have to go into the office. Puts a smile on my face 🙂

Everything and my dog loves it

How flexible and how knowledgable the team members are!

I really liked the daycare service. However, I wouldn’t send her in for grooming again, she came back wet from the bath.

Love this place and the camera. Need dog interaction even if there are lots of dogs.

Thank you , Dogtopia of Kitchener. Every since Timber’s brother , Hedley, passed , she hasnt quite been the same pup.

But since enrolling her in the daycare program, the fun loving , crazy pup we know is back.

She isn’t alone , she has made so many new friends!!

As a dog mom, knowing that my fur baby isn’t alone, getting the exercise that she needs, and the attention makes me so unbelievably happy. Also knowing I can take a peak at her while I’m at work also puts my mind at ease and the fact she is pooched when she gets home is a plus. Haha.

Timber loves daycare at dogtopia of Kitchener.

Thank you so so very much 🖤

The team is so warm and nice, Stevie is always so happy on the webcam, and I appreciate the ease of the online system for booking.

Friendly staff
Clean environment

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