As we continue to monitor the evolving status of COVID-19, our primary concern is the safety and well being of all clients, pets, and employees. Please be aware of the following policy changes.

Our lobby is OPEN to the public. All employees will follow state guidelines and be wearing masks to protect the health of our clients.

McKinney Reviews

8416 Stacy Rd, McKinney, Texas 75070

5 Star Rating - 143 reviews

My dog is welcomed, safe and had fun playing with his friends.

Webcam rooms, friendly staff!

The staff was super friendly and made Leo feel like one of their own! 🙂

Everything, Scooby love you please is amazing. Thank you

The employees are all very courteous and helpful. They take really good care of the dogs by being very attentive and loving.
I love being able to see my dogs on the web camera.

It would be great if there were more cameras in the rooms because there are some areas that can’t be seen. The past two times my dog was there I barely ever saw him, I assume because he was somewhere that the cameras did not show. I also wish that the cameras were always on instead of being turned off during nap time. Not sure why they are turned off, it’s not like they bother the dogs. The reason it would be helpful to have them on is because I would like to see if my dog is improving in the crate at daycare. I don’t want to board her yet until she is calmer in the crate, but with the cameras off I can’t tell if she is improving.

I was a little disappointed that there was only one caretaker in the City on customer appreciation day, there were WAY too many dogs in there for one person.

Super friendly staff, know our dogs by name, clean facilities

Everyone is really nice and loves my pup.

The staff was friendly, very helpful, and cared about my dog. They take the time to talk with you, even during drop-off and pick-p time which Im sure is a busy part of the day. Your services are all clearly and completely explained. I like the webcam which gives me an opportunity to peek in on my dogs playtime. This eliminates the worry and I can go about my day knowing that Casey is in good hands.

It peace of mind to know that my pup is well taken care of with love and patience!

How excited my dog acts the minute I drive up. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I can tell she loves everyone there. I love the video feature and to see how they pet and love on her whenever they walk past her(and the same with other dogs).

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