playroom attendant

Written by Melissa Johnston, Playroom attendant at Dogtopia of Coquilam


As a playroom attendant at Dogtopia, we care directly for the dogs using our daycare and boarding services. With such a large variety of dogs in our care we have to have an alert mind, a good knowledge of dogs, their behaviours, personalities and of course a lot of love to go around.

First thing in the morning we prepare breakfast and make sure everything in the playrooms are ready for a fun day of playing. As soon as dogs start to arrive we welcome them into playrooms and let them get used to the rooms, once comfortable they begin playing all day long and often only stop for a bathroom break here and there. The mornings can be quite high energy as the dogs have just woken up, had breakfast and are very refreshed for the day ahead of them; that means not only do the dogs get a workout but playroom attendants often get one too! Mornings can be quite exciting as the playroom attendant because we get to see all the dogs arrive, say hi to them and welcome them into our facilities. We get to spend time with different dogs all morning long and give each of them our attention and love, which is the best part of our day!

As lunch comes closer, the dog’s energy has come down quite a bit and it is time for naptime. This two hour period of rest for the dogs ensures that they not only have more energy in the afternoons to continue playing but gets a break from being around so many exciting dogs and toys. In the afternoons it is much calmer than the morning but as expected it is still a fun time playing with friends, old and new! Sometimes we enjoy teaching the dogs how to climb up on our play equipment and use the slide to get back down, we play games, run around and before we know it, it is time to head home for the night.

As sad as we are to see the dogs head home at night, we can look forward to seeing them again the next morning for more fun together! Playroom attendants tend to bond to the dogs in our care, we love them as if they were our own and we will always treat them that way here at Dogtopia. Learn more about our dog day care services in Mississauga, Calgary and Coquitlam.