Momo shows off his fur after a clean cut!

If your dog’s fur isn’t brushed out regularly, it could lead to knotting and result in a matted coat. Matted coats don’t allow for air circulation to the skin, and lead to a variety of skin and health problems like hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. It can also become home to fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites, which can lead to skin infections. Your dog could be in pain when lying down, as the skin underneath becomes raw and inflamed.

What are the main causes of matting?

  1. The wrong brush: there are different kinds of brushes for each dog type, and chances are you could be brushing only the top coat and not the undercoat
  2. Bathing aftercare: dog’s hair is like human hair after a bath; if it’s not brushed properly, knots and matting could form in the pet’s coat
  3. Daily grooming: when you’re not in for a day with the groomers, brushing your dog’s fur is important to make sure that the coat stays smooth and mat-free.

Grooming my dog will help get rid of the matting, right?

It will help get rid of the matting, but it doesn’t mean that your dog will be a happy dog with the constant itching and scratching. Their fur will have to be shaved extremely short – if not to the skin, where signs of sores and skin irritations will be seen. You might also expect their ears splitting or cracking from pressure, because dogs tend to shake their heads a lot to get rid of the feeling of irritation.

How to get rid of matting

Daily brushing of your dog’s fur could prevent matting and make the trip to the groomers easier. For small dogs that shed regularly, hand brushes will help wipe away those loose strands of fur. Alternatively, you can bring your dog to Dogtopia Erindale, where we offer the service to brush out the dog’s coat, if it doesn’t cause pain for your dog. We do caution that if you decide to bathe your dog at home, to brush out the mats first before bathing. Bathing a matted coat can make it worse for your pet.

Momo shows off his fur after a clean cut!
Momo shows off his fur after a clean cut!