china dogs

As a family, we recently had the opportunity to travel through parts of China and Vietnam.

As you may know, China had, for 30 years, a one family-one child policy. This policy was to encourage birth control and to reduce the pressure of historical levels of population growth on the countries infrastructures.

While I will not comment on the one child policy, which ended recently, I can comment on the observations I made while travelling, The resulting attitude that these single children have regarding their pets is trending.

And the winner, by more than a paw is- the Lucky Dog!

Walking the streets of Shanghai and Hong Kong, two of the larger metropolises, you could witness some very well dressed pooches. The high end brands – Burberry, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others had outfits and accessories available in stores. The various markets – “Stanley, Ladies etc. had the faux versions of these outfits as well.

Fancy dog
Out for a stroll. Hmm how does this work?

Coordinating jackets and pants. Sweater vests with Jeans. Lightweight sweaters, for indoor worn with heavier, real sheepskin jackets for the cooler outdoors.

But nothing beats seeing the outfits modeled live! The dogs know they are dressed well and preen and the owners are more than happy to discuss designer duds, just as we would tell where we bought our new shoes.


While the dogs looked great and the owners were proud, I never did get a good enough look to understand how they functioned on a typical walk in the hood. If they are anything like my dog, every tree needs a note to be left…