Shih Tzu Winston and Cockapoo Willow play in the Toybox at Dogtopia Erindale in Mississauga!

Shih Tzu Winston and Cockapoo Willow play in the Toybox at Dogtopia Erindale in Mississauga!

You’re sitting at the computer and planning for a big trip with your furry friend sitting next to you. Next thing you know, you come up with a red flag that says pets aren’t allowed, so what do you do?

At Dogtopia Mississauga, we offer the option to board your dog and also have packages to help accommodate both you and your dog’s needs. Going somewhere new can be stressful for your dog, which is why we suggest bringing your dog into daycare a few times before boarding them.

What does daycare do for my dog if I plan to board him?

Daycare is a fun place to go for many dogs. It gives them a chance to socialize with other dogs of the same temperament, play style and size. If your dog is high energy, they can benefit from daycare in helping to channel all that energy into playing with the other dogs.

For dogs that might be on the timid side, consistent visits to daycare can help your dog feel more at home and be able to find their inner dog while they play. Your dog is never left unsupervised when they’re with us, so they’ll also become more familiar with our team and feel more safe that they can play at Dogtopia. They might even find a few BFFFs (Best Furry Friend Forever) along the way!

Doing a few visits to daycare can also cut back on any potential stress of being thrown into a new environment, so they can enjoy their vacation while you go to enjoy yours. At Dogtopia Mississauga, we also provide free webcam access through our site for when you want to check up on your dog and watch them play.

I’m afraid of breaking my budget!

Dogtopia Mississauga offer pass packages that make it easier for your wallet. A day at daycare can be cut down to anywhere between $22 and $38, and these passes can range from five days to a monthly pass. By getting the pass, it can also ease off how much you pay for a nightly stay at our facilities.

Call us to learn more about boarding your dog with Dogtopia at (905) 362-9309.