Dog heads into the Dogtopia ball pit looking for something!

Dogs absolutely love to explore new environments, whether it’s by sniffing or… digging! If your pup loves to dig, it’s all about their desire to explore.

What does it mean when they dig? Dogs dig for many reasons:

  • They try to stay warm or cool
  • They’re trying to entertain themselves
  • They’re looking for food even if they’ve already had their meal
  • Your pup wants to bury something very important
  • Hunting animals that live under the ground

It can get out of hand when your dog doesn’t seem to stop, when he makes a hole that’s a little too large for him to get out of, or the furniture becomes the new digging ground.

How can I stop my dog from digging?

Digging is a form of exercise that keeps the dogs from getting bored, but also keeps them well-balanced. Often times, they are diggers by nature and it’ll exhaust them faster because it’s an activity that their breed was made or built for.

By correcting and redirecting your dog, you will teach him where the best spot for him to dig without destroying your garden. Reward him for his behaviour when he digs in the designated digging zone, so he knows that he should go there every time.

If the digging is excessive, try to find ways to exercise him so that when it comes to digging, he doesn’t go that extra mile and only makes a small hole where you allowed him to dig.

These dog breeds are likely to dig:

  • Huskies, Chows, Malamutes, etc. (dogs that are suited for colder climates)
  • Terriers, Whippets, scent Hound breeds, and Beagles (dogs that are bred to dig and hunt)
  • Shelties and Border Collies (boredom diggers that need stimulation because they’re working dogs)

If you’ve discovered your pup’s hidden treasure by accident, it’s likely that he’ll be digging up new ground to bury it somewhere else.

Can I declaw my dog to cut back on it?

Claws to a dog are like nails to a human. They need their nails to survive, declawing would result in amputating the toes and would take away from a dog’s ability to do anything.

We can’t take the digging out of the dog, but they can still learn to cut back on how often they do