Dog Daycare Play

Dog daycare is a dream come true for busy dog owners who are away from home working all day, out of town on business, or unable to exercise their high-energy canine companions as often as needed.

The physical, emotional and social benefits for dogs that frequent professionally operated, quality dog daycares are immeasurable, and well worth the investment. Of course, there are also advantages for humans, such as being able to temporarily part with their beloved furry friends, free of worry and guilt.

Dog daycare is similar to child daycare in that each morning human parents drop off their dog to spend the day with other dogs,
interacting, playing and napping, under the supervision of trusted, trained sitters.

“A reputable, clean, well-run, properly staffed doggy daycare can provide pet owners with peace of mind knowing their dog is safe, and mentally and physically stimulated, says veterinarian Allan Corber of Mt. Pleasant-Davisville Veterinary Hospital, in Toronto.

“Dog daycare is particularly helpful for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and have difficulty being left alone. It can diminish a dog’s negative emotional response to being apart from their owner and give them the opportunity to work through necessary behavioural changes. In doing so they can eventually reduce their attachment and learn to enjoy being with other humans and dogs, said Corber.”

Dogtopia®, an award winning dog daycare, offers clients the one stop convenience of quality daycare, boarding and spa. “In our well supervised day care, every day is filled with stimulation, interaction and play, as well as nap and quiet time,” says Anita Samadian, Dogtopia’s Regional Developer for Eastern Canada. Within their designated playgroups, according to size and temperament, dogs can play-wrestle, fetch balls, play tug-of-war, catch bubbles, or just hang out and watch the action from a comfy bed,” said Samadian.

Many dogs in today’s busy urban households are under-exercised and as a result prone to obesity and its health risks. Dog daycare gives pets the physical activity they crave and need in order to stay healthy. The social interaction with other pooches under the watchful eye of trained staff, in a fun, safe and controlled environment makes for content canines and happy humans at the end of the day.

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