By: Elizabeth Chim

We’re always excited for our summers in Canada but hot summers mean hot dogs! Most of us have learned to be very mindful of our dog’s health and comfort during the dog days of summer. That means no midday walks, never leaving your dog in a car alone, and staying hydrated. Here are some products you might not have known about to help your pup deal with the summer heat:

cooling vests

A great way to keep your dog’s body temperature regulated. Some vests are made with a cooling gel that you can leave in the fridge/freezer or a fabric that you can just dampen.

Canada Pooch






Cooling Bandana

These also work on the same principles of the cooling vest but are more portable. In a pinch, dampening a regular bandana helps as well!






Cooling Mat

You can lay these down in your home, car, or at the park for your dog to lay on to cool off. The gel is usually self cooling but putting it in the fridge/freezer beforehand makes it more effective.






Crate fan

We all appreciate a nice breeze. There are fans made specifically to be attached to dog crates, which is great for on the go travel. At home, you could probably just point a regular fan towards your dog’s crate.






Doggy water bottles

As mentioned, keeping your dog hydrated is very important. We don’t always have a dog bowl with us, and we’ve all poured water into our cupped hands trying to get our dogs to drink. It’s a little inefficient. Luckily, there are specially made doggy water bottles that make life so much easier.






Paw Balm

The pavement can get hot during the summer and damage your pup’s cute little feet. Extra protection might also be needed if you’re hiking or more active during the summer. Some paw balms provide a protective layer, others are meant to heal and sooth sore paws.

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