We would like to thank all of you for allowing us to love your fur babies & become a part of your families. We look forward to seeing you at our other locations!

If you are looking for familiar faces, our Erindale team members are now working at our Meadowvale & Brampton (Worthington) locations!

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Our dog training methods use the latest science based techniques. We use positive reinforcement, fun, and motivating games to teach your dog everything they need to know. It’s never too late to start your training journey but we always recommend starting early to prevent behavioural problems and to create appropriate ones. Register your dog today!

Training Schedule


Meet the Trainer: October 1st at 7:00pm: FREE

Come and meet your trainer Mitch Orr Bring your dog and learn fun new games and skills or have a dog free evening and take your learning home. There will also be an open question time. All ages.


Puppy Kindergarten: October 15th at 6:15pm (first class begins): $249

6 week program for pups less than 6 months old. Start your puppy off right with proper education, socialization and exposure. Learn all of your obedience skills with verbal and hand commands, loose leash walking, impulse control, focus, recall and more!

First Paw: Level 1 Obedience: October 15th at 7:30pm (first class begins): $249

6 week program for dogs older than 6 months. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Learn all of your obedience skills with verbal and hand commands, loose leash walking, impulse control, focus, recall and more!

Agility Fun Class: November 15th at 7:15pm (first class begins): $190

5 week program. You and your dog will love this class! Agility not only uses fun equipment such as weaves, jumps & tunnels but also builds confidence, communication, handling skills, impulse control and mental & physical stimulation! *Spaces limited


There are currently no specialty classes. Stay tuned.

Private classes available.

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Meet our trainers

erin dog trainer at dogtopia mississauga

Erin has been training dogs for 8 years now. She attended Sheridan College for Animal Care and went to Northern College to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. Erin later became a Professor at Northern College at the age of 25. Erin is an extremely hard working and dedicated individual whose whole life centralizes around dogs. She was basically stumped when asked about herself outside of her career. She has a 2 year old German Shepherd named Haas and here she is posing with her other handsome boy Wylie, a 9 year old German Shepherd/Husky!


julie dog trainer

Julie has been training and working with dogs for 7 years. She became a Certified Dog Trainer at Animal Behavior College and has done several mentorship programs to go on to hosting private lessons. Her passion is working with troubled dogs who just need a bit more guidance and patience. Julie is an avid foster mom for dogs in need and has her own two dogs Bug the Pug and Cody the Chihuahua (who was a foster fail)!