Shih Tzu gets a trim

It’s our goal at Dogtopia Erindale to make your pet’s experience stress-free, as best as possible.

When your dog comes in for a groom and has matted fur, the best thing to do is shave your dog’s coat and we have the tools to make sure that all knots and matting will be removed. If we can, we’ll try to try to de-mat the dog’s coat, but only if it doesn’t lead to excessive pain. Matted coats also won’t dry as easily after a bath, and can cause rotting fur and skin underneath.

We use a medicated shampoo that’s designed to soothed any irritation. Since the matting is close to the skin, we use a short blade to clip between the skin and mats. Our groomers are very careful, but the possibility of injury exists.

If your pet is coming in for a groom with matted fur, be prepared for the following:

  1. The grooming session may be long, stressful or painful for your pet to be able to remove these mats,
  2. More than one session may be required, depending on how heavily matted your dog’s fur is, and,
  3. The coats will be shaved extremely short and almost to the skin, showing signs of skin irritations and sores as a result of the matting, wet undercoat and dirty undercoat.

It’s highly likely that your pet’s skin will become irritated as a result of the clipping process but Dogtopia Erindale staff would be happy to show you how to take care of your dog’s coat to prevent matting.

Shih Tzu gets a trim
Khali gets her fur trimmed at Dogtopia Erindale in Mississauga.