Why Memberships?

Memberships give you and your dog the best opportunity to stay on a predictable Dogtopia experience, at the best possible price. A consistent routine offers your dog plenty of exercise and socialization so he/she can be the best possible pup they can be. We always notice significant benefits with our dogs that have a consistent schedule. Our facility becomes familiar, allowing your pup to have more fun in a stress free environment. Dogtopia dogs make special connections with their BFFF’s (Best Furry Friend Forever) so a regular routine will allow your dog to see his/her friends more often. You’ll also notice a positive change in your home life with a tired and happy dog!

Our Memberships:

·        BFFFs: 8 days per month (recommended 2 visits per week) : $279

·        Really Big Deal: 12 days per month (recommended 3 visits per week): $379

·        Top Dog: 20 days per month (recommended 5 visits per week): $574

Do you require a contract?

All memberships are month-to-month and auto-renew, you may cancel or change your membership at any time with a 30-day written notice.

How often am I billed?

Our memberships are monthly memberships. You will get billed once a month as designated by your sign-up date. We also offer the option for you to pay your yearly membership in full.

What if I miss a week or a day?

Each membership plan provides a total number of visits per month to use whenever you like within that month. We recommend developing a schedule of 2-5 days/week for you and your dog. Visit days do not rollover to the following billing cycle. We can help determine the right plan for your desired attendance.

Does my membership offer any discounts on other services?

You will receive a 20% discount on overnight boarding rates as well as these Membership Pup Perks:

• Free late pickup (until 9pm Monday-Friday)

• Guaranteed reservations

• Access at any location in Ontario

Can I change my plan?

Yes, with a 30-day written notice you can modify or cancel your membership plan.

Can both of my dogs use one membership?

We allow one dog per membership. If you have two dogs, you’ll need to purchase two memberships. A 10% discount will be applied to additional regular priced memberships.

What’s the difference between your membership and your passes?

Our membership provides you and your dog with a consistent Dogtopia experience, at the best possible price. Memberships are a great option if you’re looking to socialize and exercise your dog on a regular basis. Our passes provide more flexibility for those who don’t have a predictable schedule. Passes do not offer the same savings as our membership, but never expire. Consistent Dogtopia visits offer a variety of benefits, including socialization, exercise, positive education, decrease in separation anxiety and destructive behaviours. This is why we always recommend the membership package.

What if I already have passes?

Our passes don’t expire for 1 year so if you wanted to become a member, you can use your pass visits for boarding or additional days as needed.

What if I run out of membership days?

If you use all of your days for the month and still have additional daycare needs, you can easily upgrade your membership or purchase additional days through passes. We have discounted rates for members on our passes.

Can I use my membership for boarding?

Our Daycare Memberships were made to give dogs the gift of play, fun and socialization at the best possible rate. Membership visits cannot be used for boarding, however a member can exchange their visits for credit to go towards their boarding cost. The value of your credit depends on your level of membership.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes. A member has the option to freeze their membership for a maximum of 30 days. A member can freeze their account up to twice a year (30 day increments).

How do I cancel my membership?

We require a 30-day cancellation notice to change or cancel our memberships. Please submit your request in writing in our store.