So you’ve gone through the process of picking out what kind of dog you want. You have all the things you need for your fur baby: from food to a crate, bed and toys, you name it. But you might have to hold off before capturing those picture perfect moments of the both of you.

It’s just like travelling out on vacation to somewhere new, but for dogs, it’s a permanent residence and he might be a little uncertain or scared about the new transition. Every dog is different, so not all of the points below may be similar to your situation.

  • Spend time with your dog: Your dog has just moved to a brand new home, so it can be quite stressful. Calm him down and let him know that you’re there to take care of him. It’s all about the tender love and care for the first day home.
  • Gently introduce the crate to your dog: Your dog might be a bit nervous, so putting them straight into a crate isn’t something they’d like to come home to. Slowly introduce your dog by feeding him his first meal in there, then letting him out after he’s done and reward him for it. Each time you put him in a crate, gradually increase the amount of time he’s been in there.
  • Be patient: While humans can adjust to new places, your dog will need some time to warm up to you. Since they can’t speak, you as the pet parent will have to show them that they can trust you.
  • Redirect your dog’s attention: Your dog’s mind is constantly focused on the fact that they’re in a new place. Playing with your dog gives him something that’ll take his attention away from this worry and turn it into a bonding time between you and your dog.
  • Set boundaries: It may be tempting to cuddle up to your dog and tell him it’s okay if he does something wrong, but it may also reward the unwanted behaviour. Depending on your dog, you may have to be firm or use gentle approaches to your dog to let them know what they can and can’t do.

It may take some time for you and your dog to be accustomed to the new changes, but these careful steps will help jumpstart the bond between the two of you.