Yorkshire terrier puppy at Dogtopia Erindale since he was three months old!

Your pup may still be learning his manners and how to be a dog, so what better way than to have them learn from other dogs? At Dogtopia Mississauga, your pup will learn the do’s and don’t’s of doggy etiquette.

Daycare is perfect for your puppy to start socializing with other dogs.

Daycare for your dog is like people going to a gym on a membership. By going consistently to the gym, you feel more better with exercise and meet people who have the same lifestyle. But when you miss a day that you scheduled to go to the gym, it throws you off of a routine. This can be compared to a dog’s daily routine.

What can your pup learn at daycare?

  • How to be a dog: Puppies are curious and learn from people and dogs around them. By exposing them to other dogs, they could learn what are the appropriate manners that would make a dog, a dog.
  • How to play: There are many ways that dogs could play, and sitting at home doesn’t let your pup explore those options. It’s by having them come to Dogtopia, they get to find out what they like most when it comes to playing with other dogs.
  • Their best friends: Your dog can learn who they’re most compatible in playing with and create friendships so they’ll never feel left out when they meet new dogs.
  • Confidence: Confidence is huge for a dog, to make them the happy and friendly companions.

Puppies are full of energy and daycare also acts as an outlet for them to let out that energy. When they’re left at home alone, puppies need something to do because they’re so bored and that could mean you’ll be coming home to chewed furniture.

Bring your puppy to dog daycare at Dogtopia and by the end of the day, they’ll be tired, and you won’t have to worry about it.

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