By: Elizabeth Chim

In recent years, fitness trackers have become extremely popular as we become a more health conscious society. I’m sure we’ve all seen those friends and co-workers jogging up and down the stairs or running in place at their desk to “get their steps in.” Understanding your activity level is integral to tracking your health. So did you know there’s an activity tracker for dogs too?

We’ve used the Fitbark to track our very cute test subject Raine, the 8 month old Lab / Rottweiler mix. Raine is a growing puppy, looking to have an active, healthy lifestyle.

Raine’s main forms of exercise:

  • Daycare at Dogtopia 3-4 times a week
  • Dog walker
  • Dog park
  • Backyard

Throughout the week, we asked Raine’s Pet Parents to run us through a typical week showing all the different ways they like to keep her active. Check out the results to see what activities give your dog the most exercise and the biggest bang for your buck.

dog activity tracker comparison



On an average full day of daycare, Raine gets 12-16km of exercise. She gets dropped off at 6:30am, gets periodic rests, plays with all her friends, eats dinner, and is picked up at 6:00pm. She usually just wants to cuddle and sleep when she gets home. A monthly Daycare membership would cost $31 per visit.

Dog Walker

Raine’s Pet Parents hired a dog walker off an online platform. That day she got 9km of exercise with 2 one-hour walks, but she also played at home for several hours before bedtime. The cost for a one-hour walk was $30, so for the day it costed $60.

Dog Park

Raine was taken to the local off leash dog park for about one hour in the afternoon and got to play with some of her neighbourhood friends. Throughout the day, she still wanted to play and be active indoors and went on an evening walk. She got 7km of exercise that day and the cost was free!

Rest Day

Raine is a very active girl, but like anyone, she needs a self-care day. She stayed at home and cuddled with her Pet Parents. There was some light play, and 3 backyard breaks for a bit of romping and to use the washroom. She got 5km of exercise. If you notice in the charts, she had the lowest sleep score this day. The cost for this was lots of belly rubs and treats.

Exercise and play is such an important part of a dog’s life, especially for high energy and working breeds. High levels of activity and socialization have been linked to increased life span and greater quality of life. In this TED Talk the speaker got the chance to talk to the owner of the world’s oldest dog who passed at age 30. He explains that his farm dog probably got at least 9km of exercise daily from just following his tractor around as he worked.

So is your dog getting enough exercise?

source: @rainetherottie