By: Erin Young (RVT, CPDT)

When our dogs nails grow too long (even just a little) it changes our dog’s posture which has a ripple effect on their overall skeletal structure. Remember what we learned in school? “The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the …”

Why should your pup get a routine pawdicure?

  • Short nails are key to your dog rebalancing themselves. This is important for day to day life and imperative for sports like agility.
  • Long nails can break or chip. Broken and chipped nails are painful, can require veterinary care and rest.
  • Nails tell the dog which way is down! If the nail is too long pushing the overall body back then it causes unnatural pressure and force on the wrong areas of the body.
  • Long nails cause joint stress. Which can lead to joint pain, arthritis, additional stress on bones, muscles, ligaments and prone to injury.
  • Long nails can grow into the paw pad. It can happen quicker than you think, you will feel terrible and your dog will be in pain.
  • Routine trimming will prevent the quick from growing out. The quick is a blood vessel that runs through the nail. When quicks grow out long it will be harder for you to cut your dog’s nails later on.

The other important part of foot care is to ensure the hair on the underside of your dog’s feet is trimmed. Excessive fur will prevent your dog from getting proper traction and can cause them to stand improperly.

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