Are your dogs doing their business inside? No, we’re not talking about cute doggy board meetings discussing the Return On Investment for rolling over versus playing dead.

When you drop your dog off for a fun day of doggy daycare, it’s most likely they’re peeing and pooping indoors. Dog daycares are well equipped to deal with all the messiness of pups but we get a lot of people concerned about what this means for their dog’s house training. We spend so much time teaching our dogs that going indoors is BAD and going outdoors is GOOD.

So how does your dog learn the difference?

To us, it looks so obvious – if there’s a ceiling, floor and walls, it’s indoors. If there’s grass and sky: outdoors. Of course your dog notices these differences but the primary sense for a dog is not sight, it’s smell! Dog daycares do not smell like your house, in fact they smell a lot more like the outdoors to your pups. Our facilities are thoroughly sanitized multiple times a day but the pheromones remain. Ever notice that if your dog has an accident inside, they’ll do it in the same place over and over even after it’s been cleaned? If you’re not using an enzymatic cleaner, your dog has made that spot their potty place.

I have a dog that is amazingly house trained. She could probably hold it in for 24 hours (never do this to your dog). But without fail, every time we go to the vet she’ll pop a squat and pee all over their lovely lobby. I apologize profusely in embarrassment as one of their vet techs mop it up. Just the same as a daycare, there are dozens of dogs coming and going through my vet’s lobby – it doesn’t smell like indoors to them!

Some of our Dogtopia locations do not offer an outdoor area, so all business is done indoors. We use special rubber flooring in our playrooms that’s easy on the joints and easy to sanitize. In the 13 years of being North America’s leading dog daycare facility, we do not receive complaints about house training.

“I’ve worked in 3 different dog daycares before here. Two of them had outdoor areas and dogs definitely still went to the bathroom inside. It was funny, the owner bought all this really nice furniture for the dogs to lounge on and they completely ruined it in days. You’d think they would know this about dogs. Like, they don’t go and pee on their couches at home after, it’s just totally different for them when they’re here,” says one of our seasoned employees.

So basically no. Bringing your dog to an indoor daycare is not ruining their house training.


Watch this super interesting video about how your dog’s nose works. They basically see with their noses!

By: Elizabeth Chim