By: Erin Young (RVT, CPDT)

Obedience training will develop your communication with body language and verbal commands for almost every command you teach, it will give you valuable tools like walking on a loose leash and having a rock solid recall.

Without obedience you and your dog wouldn’t have developed the crucial language needed to say “You did that correctly”, “Don’t move” or “Look up at me” etc. Whether you have a new puppy, new adult dog or just looking to stay sharp with your dog, everyone should take an obedience class at least once. Even trainers attend classes with their dogs!

But it isn’t all about obedience…

There are life skills that your dog should know, skills that make your lives easier as well as safer.

Life skills include things like:

  • Greeting manners with people
  • Ability to settle down from high excitement
  • Front door manners
  • Impulse control
  • Ability to drop an object or to take and fetch objects
  • Calm crate skills
  • Table etiquette
  • Place and bed skills

If you feel like your dog struggles with these areas or you want to have the best dog you can than consider taking a Life Skills Class. The skills and tools you learn will last a lifetime and you will have more stress free and positive moments to share.

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