Dogs can be absolutely adorable and are man’s best friend. But when you go to pick out a dog, there’s just so many to choose from!

We’ll settle your worries and help you through a step-by-step on things to consider when picking the breed that’s right for you.

Picking your dog 

  • The dog’s fur maintenance: Every dog fur has its own level of maintenance, which can either be time-consuming or be therapeutic for the both of you to set a couple of minutes to an hour together. Do you prefer short-haired or long-haired dogs? How much time are you willing to dedicate to brushing their fur to make sure it’s free of any tangles and knots or giving baths, if you’re not taking them to the groomers? What’s your preference on shedding?
  • Health concerns: Different breeds have pre-disposed health concerns, so while your future dog may not have it, the potential to get that health condition may be more or less than the next dog breed. What food will you need to get, to meet your dog’s needs?

Consider Your Side of the Story 

  • The dog’s energy level meeting yours: Are you looking for a dog with low energy levels or high energy? If you’re a person with an active lifestyle, then a dog with high energy will make a great companion when you go for a run.
  • How much time you have: Will you have enough time to take your dog out for a walk or take him out to help burn his energy? Will you have to consider taking your dog to daycare to get socialized if you can’t bring him to the dog park?
  • How much you’re willing to dig into your pockets: Getting a dog can be costly, from toys to food, the dog’s living accommodations and most importantly, the veterinary costs. Veterinary costs can also differ from breed to breed, as well as between small and large sizes.
  • Based on your personal preference: If you’re not too fond of fur, you might want to consider the hairless breeds, or consider a hypoallergenic breed.

Sites like Dogtime have questionnaires to help you figure out if you’re ready for a dog and what dog breed is right for you. The Ontario SPCA is also a great resource in finding the perfect dog for you.