This Samoyed named Momo loves giving out kisses.

Your dog had lots of mats, been to the groomers and mat-free.

But now the big question is… now what?

There are a lot of things that might come up after leaving our groomers, but don’t be alarmed if you do see them.

Matting has affected the air circulation in your pet’s skin, along with lots of infections and what we’ve done is help the dog’s skin breathe again.

Here are the common symptoms you might see:

  • Red/pink skin where the matts used to be
  • Excessive itching and scratching: some dogs are likely to also bite and/or excessively lick at their skin if they can’t reach it with their claws
  • Hot spots
  • Damaged skin tissue or lesions
  • Skin conditions
  • Excessive shaking of their heads: this may cause the ears to split or crack from pressure, or a large bruise may form (also called a hematoma)
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Your dog not acting like themselves (for example: ignoring you, not their happy selves, etc.)

My dog’s experiencing some of these symptoms. What do I do?

Don’t fret! Your dog just needs a lot of tender love and care from here on, accompanied with lots of rest. For those irritated spots, you can apply polysporin or medicated ointment specifically for dogs to soothe the sensations. It’s best to monitor for any excessive scratching, shaking or rubbing. If there’s a heavy concern about this, speak to your veterinarian.

In these cases, it’s highly recommended to not brush your dog’s fur for 48 hours, as well as no intense walks and excessive exercise for 48 hours. 

Your dog will love you for it later!

This Samoyed named Momo loves giving out kisses.
This Samoyed named Momo loves giving out kisses!